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Drive compliance and gain total visibility of travel spend

The statistic is hard to ignore: travel and entertainment (T&E) represent companies' second-largest controllable expense. Amid softening global markets, the need to control travel expenses is a hotter topic than ever before. Nowadays, as important as the desire to protect the bottom line is a growing interest among companies to curb costs by blending all parts of the T&E experience into a single, unified process.

It's a fact that savings are at the heart of the expense management topic, but that is only one of the reasons why an automated solution is a recognised best practice for both domestic and global travel management programs. Integrating a best-of-breed automated expense control system offers precisely what both global and domestic travel programs require to be successful - an efficient, consistent process, configured for local differences. The resulting improvements in control and compliance, reduction in the reimbursement cycle and instant insights into travel spend, are invaluable.

3SIXTY encourages the use of an automated expense management system and applies industry expertise and proven methodologies to consult on opportunities for its clients to streamline the process, while also supporting - and boosting - policy compliance and improving the capacity to deliver transparent reporting across the various expense routes.

While historically travel booking and approval and expense management have occurred independently in isolated areas of the organisation, companies are increasingly demanding seamless collaboration between finance, HR and travel management. 3SIXTY advises on the right platforms for your company's needs as a means of improving travel processes across the board. But we not only help organisations link travel booking and expense management process steps; we also integrate the streamlined process into the travel management program and broader workflow framework.

Breaking it down

We look for cost savings and improvements in eight main areas:
  • Increased VAT recovery
  • Reduced expense spend
  • Reporting
  • Policy compliance
  • Tax and VAT compliance
  • Reduced administration costs
  • Detailed knowledge and transparency of expense spend
  • Corporate expenses card interface

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