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 Sourcing Management

The cornerstone for travel cost reduction

Regardless of the type of company or industry, most cost can be found in the supply chain. Opportunities to find waste are abundant here. As a result, a strategic sourcing management approach provides the best opportunity to impact the cost, quality and performance of your supply chain. And in a climate of increasing costs and greater demand, travel buyers need a solid strategy to achieve cost-saving targets. At 3SIXTY we recognise that these strategies can and should differ for each organisation depending on size, geographic scope, company culture and business drivers.

3SIXTY's industry know-how and first-hand knowledge of sourcing methodologies helps you to create and manage a robust supplier programme. We have proven experience in delivering strategic sourcing projects which improve quality and significantly lower the cost of services across the entire travel commodity category, including airlines, hotels, ground transportation, meeting services, online booking tools and payment systems. Our mission is to maximise travel savings for our clients and to ensure that you have the most efficient, cost-effective travel programme possible.

Breaking it down

We understand that you may already have skilled procurement professionals in place and are looking for travel category expertise and support rather than full sourcing management. To provide you with the support you need, where and when you need it, we offer the following options:

Package 1 - Opportunity Assessment

Do you know your total travel spend? Do you want to know about the opportunities that exist to cut costs, leverage your buying power, reduce your cost of service and maximise your company's investment in your travel programme? Let us run an opportunity assessment with you. Our comprehensive package is designed to help you identify and quantify your opportunities.

Package 2 - Travel Programme Design

What strategic travel programme will work best in your corporate culture? Is your programme flexible and sustainable in this ever-changing business climate? Let us work with you to design a customised strategic travel programme that will continuously bring value to your organisation.

Package 3 - RFI/RFP Management

Are you faced with a daunting request for proposal (RFP)? Have you got to analyse an unfamiliar commodity or a technology solution with which you have limited experience? Are you simply short on resources? Let us design and manage your competitive RFP process. We do the work; you make the decisions and ensure the integrity of your process and travel programme.

Supplier Management

In addition to the sourcing process, 3SIXTY will work with you to identify your key business drivers and output required from the new suppliers. We will take this information to create key performance indicators, a service level agreement and a supplier development programme.

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