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Equip your travellers with best-in-class tools

As the travel industry continues to accelerate to keep up with market changes and an unpredictable business climate, the best solutions demand technology expertise combined with unparalleled travel industry experience. At 3SIXTY Global, we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of the technology and products that can deliver significant benefits to your organisation.

Making sense of the technology and product options on the market can be daunting.

Not only are there a multitude of tools to choose from; your company faces ever-changing challenges that require new technology updates to enable, optimise and progress the success of your travel management programme.

In the fast-paced world of automation it is important to know what tools are right for you. 3SIXTY can advise you on how to dynamically manage many aspects of your company's travel programme, pursue valuable cost savings initiatives and monitor progress through a variety of flexible and innovative travel technology tools and products. We will help you find the right systems across the board - from tools to enforce travel policy and optimise vendor relationships to GDS and credit card selection - with the sole purpose of improving travel management efficiency.

Breaking it down

3SIXTY can advise on one or more of the following elements.
  • Expense Management Solutions. A key part of any travel programme is ensuring full knowledge of all spend relating to travel. A fully-automated, integrated, online expense management tool will deliver this as well as manage compliance.
  • Self-Booking Tools. Our experience has shown us that self-booking tools can deliver significant savings but are not the solution for all our clients. We will review your travel programme to identify which tools, if necessary, would deliver benefits to your company.
  • Management Reporting. Translating data into meaningful information is fundamental. We will identify the most appropriate reports from your incumbent providers based upon a needs assessment process. If necessary, we can identify and implement third-party reporting.
  • Carbon Accounting. We know how to source the data and report emissions from travel to the accounting standards that your stakeholders require. Our approach ensures that you have the insight to better understand, manage and reduce emissions and align this activity with broader travel KPI's.
  • Traveller Tracking. As a responsible employer it is imperative that in the event of a security incident the whereabouts of all travellers can be quickly identified. In addition to this a solution may be required to extricate employees from harm. 3SIXTY will advise on the solution that best meets your needs.
  • Consolidated & Summary Billing. Our experience has shown that cost of travel can be significantly increased through inefficient payment processes. We can tailor your solution to work with all major ERP systems or local back office solutions.
  • Bill Back Solutions. While the latest solutions using virtual credit cards are extremely efficient and cost effective, there is sometimes no alternative to a straight forward invoice/account approach - especially for companies with high volumes of domestic hotel spend. We will work with you to secure the most efficient process.
  • Corporate Charge Card Management. For many companies the charge card solution underpins the travel programme. 3SIXTY will work with you to identify the most suitable provider with real-time Web reporting.
  • Ground Transportation Tools. If you have a large spend on taxis or chauffeur cars or use many different providers, 3SIXTY can provide a bespoke solution using the latest ground transportation technology.
  • Global Distribution System (GDS). For our customers with a significant spend we have been able to negotiate advantageous solutions direct with the GDS provider.

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