the 3SIXTY view

3SIXTY Global is a specialist consulting company dedicated to helping buyers and providers of corporate travel and expenses services to navigate the turbulent travel arena. Corporate travel and expenses is our core business and we draw on our extensive experience on the frontline to provide unbiased, in-depth, and knowledgeable procedures to help our clients make smart programme and supplier decisions.

Countless details and endless options are hallmarks in the business of travel and expenses. At 3SIXTY Global our goal is to make decisions simple for our clients and their stakeholders using our industry-specific knowledge and technology skills. We work with our customers one-on-one to solve purchasing problems, including RFP process management, negotiation support, project management and leading-edge e-procurement, interim and outsourced account management and supplier training services. Put simply, we handle the entire life-cycle of travel and expense management operations for our clients .

Why 3SIXTY Global?

Our mission is to build a different kind of travel consulting company - one that is accessible, listens to client needs, matches skills with requirements, and solves your problems with ease. It's that straightforward. We've been in the business for a combined total of 90 years so we know the complications involved in managing various aspects of a travel and expense programme and we're good at stripping back those complexities and delivering results - fast. Our success is directly attributed to our clients' ability to show progress and savings.