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 Travel Policy & Governance

Achieving control and compliance - the solid fundamentals

A travel programme without policy and governance is like having a car with no wheels, it looks good but it won't get you where you want to go. Quite simply, a travel policy in itself will not deliver the solutions you need in today's shifting market.

As primary components such as airfare and hotel rates continue to rise, and internal budgets get tighter, corporates are under increasing pressure to save on costs, which is why it is crucial that your company's travel policy is reviewed regularly. As importantly, it is imperative that compliance is at the top of the agenda at review time. 3SIXTY knows that while not always easy; the rewards of an enforced travel policy are worth the effort, signalling that by carefully managing compliance your department can play a key role in contributing to your company's bottom line.

Breaking it down

Creative companies impact positively on their travel expenditure by adopting a holistic review and analysis of their organisation, goals and sourcing strategy. Some of the key areas to consider include:

  • Travel policy must reflect and be aligned with company culture and objectives.
  • Current and future trends should be considered in order to create a sustainable policy.
  • Communication and distribution networks need to be identified and analysed; like many companies you may have a strong policy but no one knows it exists.
  • Developing relationships with the right suppliers and understanding management information reporting will help to support you in the continued performance of your programme in-line with policy.
  • Travel policy is the key to achieving sustainability. Consideration must be given to balancing financial, people and environmental issues so your programme mirrors corporate culture, traveller needs and stakeholder expectations.
  • Technology can hold the key to an effective travel policy if applied in the right situation for the right reasons.
  • The removal or remodelling of existing inefficient and costly pre-approval processes.
  • Managing by exception.
  • No travel policy would be complete if it did not address demand management and the alternatives to travel.

3SIXTY has the experience to create a roadmap for success and guide you through the process of implementing an effective travel policy. Whether you are breaking new ground or revisiting your current policy to understand what opportunities exist for improvement, 3SIXTY can support you in achieving your goals.

Download Travel Policy & Governance Fact Sheet