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 Travel Programme Optimisation

Designing the best programme to maximise savings

A key priority for a robust and successful travel programme is to demonstrate value.

The more value you can create directly translates to an increase in buy-in from your organisation and travellers. 3SIXTY understands this, as well as the need to offer in-depth guidelines and demonstrate savings, and will help you create travel programme strategies that align with your organisational initiatives.

Improve how your company travels as a whole. The overall efficiency of your travel is largely determined by your corporate culture. The decision towards the hotels you chose to stay in and the airlines you chose to fly with can significantly impact the overall cost-effectiveness of your travel programme. By assessing your current programme and building an optimisation strategy that meets your specific objectives, 3SIXTY will put you on course to a best-in-class, highly-optimised travel programme.

Breaking it down

Working with you, 3SIXTY will identify simple and quick improvements to your travel programme. We recommend a cost-reduction plan that comprises the following elements:

  • Air Travel. This category accounts for the vast majority of corporate travel expenses. The cost efficiency of your company's air travel can be streamlined by using a range of strategies including advance booking, class-of-travel analysis, low-cost carrier integration and negotiating with alternative carriers.
  • Accommodation. Maximise the value of your hotel programme by reducing the number of suppliers to further leverage spend, negotiate on the total cost of stay including value added services (i.e., Internet, parking, etc), and ensure rates are loaded and accessible.
  • Meetings Management. We understand the differences between a transient hotel programme and the more specialist nature of managing meetings and larger events. We are able to help you source both hotel and non-hotel content, develop and communicate robust strategies to include this segment in your wider travel programme and source the appropriate technology where applicable.
  • Rail Travel. With high speed rail now a realistic alternative to air travel, we are able to evaluate the most efficient options for rail booking, including integration of online specialist systems into a wider travel programme.
  • Education and Communication. Addressing traveller behaviour can lead to significant savings. Our experts at 3SIXTY have experience in educating your travellers on the best ways to achieve cost savings by ensuring they understand why changes are needed, the benefits of these changes, and how they will be impacted.
  • Process Optimisation. Optimise the efficiency of simple bookings by driving online adoption, review service configuration and ensure full access to content at competitive prices.
  • Other Ground Transportation. We will help you take your programme further by negotiating the most competitive terms on car hire, taxi and chauffeur services in order to stabilise costs and limit price hikes over the duration of an agreement. We will also advise on how integration of these services into the travel programme brings visibility and control.
  • Policy Compliance and Demand Management. Improve compliance by comparing your travel policy against best practice, measure compliance and implement reporting which will allow you to evaluate the reasons why business trips are taken and the return on investment.
  • Security and Corporate Social Responsibility. We build Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility into all that we do. By taking a sustainable approach 3SIXTY will ensure that all facets of a travel programme are optimised to deliver financial, social and environmental returns.

Download Travel Programme Optimisation Fact Sheet